Tark - Transcript Archive

The goal of Tark is to create an archive of all transcript sequences from Ensembl, RefSeq and other sources, including historical gene sets. To ensure robust tracking of exact changes between gene and transcript sets, checksums are included at a fine grained level.

The data is accessible via an API to explore and determine the exact changes between sequences and other feature attributes from one release to the other or between two different sources. In the longterm, Tark will become the primary repository for all sequences in all Ensembl releases.

This beta is provided to give the community an opportunity to explore Tark's functionality. Please provide feedback on possible improvements to help meet future needs. Note, this is a beta site and should not be counted upon to be stable, the API may change and this server may be unavailable at times.

Search using any valid identifiers with or without version:
(eg: ACOX1 or ENST00000252934 or ENST00000252934.10 or ENSP00000252934 or NM_013236 or NM_013236.4 or NR_000005 or NP_004026 )

or using a location string
(Supported format: 13: 32315474-32400266 )

or using HGVS identifiers
(Supported format: NC_000023.11:g.32389644G>A , NM_004006.2:c.4375C>T )

(Please note: The allele is ignored in the HGVS search)


About Tark: core concepts, update frequency and consortium members.

FAQs: What do you mean by archive and why are they important, what is checksums?

Web Tark

Web version of Tark to browse, list, query and filter. Provides list view via datatables


REST version of Tark with links to browsable API to work on filters and receive JSON response.



Tark v1.0.1